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Laurie N. | Texas

[My son] amazes me!!! I love listening to him play! Thank you for all you are doing to push him and encourage him!! I am absolutely certain that God has plans for him! I truly believe he has a God given talent. I love that he has a passion and desire to use his talents for God's glory!

Tangy S. | South Carolina

Julie, I am amazed at how much [my son] is learning so quickly...I have been praying God to help him find what He is calling him to do...I could see this being his calling...he loves it so much. I thank you for your teaching him too...he is good fruit from your ministry...God is using you greatly to help him fulfill His purpose and calling in Bryce's life. Thank you.

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first student to complete the course

Piano Graduate Shares Her Experience

At age 10, Allie began piano lessons at the studio. After several years of lesson attendance, weekly practice, and God’s help, Allie graduated from Julie’s Piano Studio in June 2019. In this interview, Allie tells what her experience was like.

Jennifer B. | Texas

Meagan played [piano] during altar service last night!! She did really good and got a lot of compliments! You would have been proud if you were there. Thanks for being such a great teacher!!

Tammy P. | Oklahoma

Moriah played and sang at church again this weekend. I can slowly see her confidence rising each time she plays. We are very thankful for your lessons.

Janel Rogers | Texas

Interview with Mom of Former Student

Janel and her husband Nathan have five beautiful children. The oldest, Allie, completed the entire Church Musician’s Piano by Ear Course the summer of 2019. Janel openly shares about their experience with Allie’s piano lessons.

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