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what to look for in a

Digital Piano

Basically what these featured pianos have in common are a couple important factors.

1. Full-size keyboard. This means your digital piano has an 88-note keyboard, like a real  acoustic piano. As a beginner, you will not use the full keyboard. But unless you’d like to invest in a better piano a year or two into your lessons, it is advisable to start out with a piano that has a full-size keyboard.

2. Weighted keys. This gives you the ability to play soft or loud depending on how hard you press the keys. Don’t settle for anything less than a quality piano that has weighted keys!

3. Features.  It’s noteworthy to mention that all digital pianos aren’t programmed with the same features. Do you want features like demo songs, voices, styles, recording abilities, etc.? Extra features cost more money, so I suggest that you consider what you’ll use and choose a piano accordingly.


You may purchase a digital piano separately or in a bundle with other accessories. Know what’s included in your purchase, then shop around for compatible accessories if needed. Buying a piano bundle usually costs less than buying the piano and accessories separately. Here are some accessories to consider.

Piano Stand. This is what your piano will rest on. Using a makeshift stand such as a table is unadvisable. It is important that the height of your piano is suited for you and a piano stand helps.

Music rack. This is what your music book will rest on. Most digital pianos come with a music stand. It’s very difficult to read music that is laying flat on your keyboard.

Bench. Using a bench that is made for a digital piano is necessary because they are usually adjustable. This makes playing much more comfortable for you.

Realistic pedal. Many digital pianos come with a black, plastic foot pedal (a.k.a. “the banana peel pedal”). I suggest you go for a realistic feeling pedal. This pedal is black with a silver acoustic-piano-like pedal. If you buy this separate from your keyboard, be sure the pedal is compatible with your piano model.

Headphones, optional. This is a great accessory if you are doing a lot of practicing that could interrupt the activities of your family members.

Bottom Line: your piano is your choice!

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